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StoredTech is the area's leading IT firm.

With a growth of over 802% in the last 5 years we are constantly looking at adding the best and the brightest to an already amazing team.

Technology is at the heart of your business, with applications and connectivity growing rapidly. StoredTech brings a strategic, consultative approach to your IT, telecommunications and security needs, ensuring that your solutions scale and grow with your potential.

We take the pain out of planning and paying for solutions while keeping you focused on the path that technology brings to your organization.

StoredTech has offered reliable solutions since 2010. Our partnerships with clients, employees and the community are based on mutual respect and developing business relationships.

We see these long-term partnerships as the cornerstone of our business, and we strive to deliver value-driven technology solutions that not only make our partners happier and stress-free, but their businesses more successful.

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